[WATCH] Abela denial on Koħħu claim: ‘If Azzopardi has evidence, he should say who minister is’

Carmelo Abela denies being linked to “major crime” as claimed by Jason Azzopardi of Vincent Muscat il-Koħħu information to police

Abela denial on Koħħu claim: ‘If Azzopardi has evidence, he should say who minister is’

The minister Carmelo Abela has categorically denied being implicated in an alleged crime which the Caruana Galizia suspect Vincent Muscat claims to have information about.

Abela was placed under the spotlight by Nationalist Party media over reports that Muscat had told police he had information on a Labour politician implicated in a major crime – the HSBC heist of 2010.

It was Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi, the lawyer of the Caruana Galizia family, who suggested that Prime Minister Robert Abela knew of the allegation, and hinted that the minister was “not a lawyer”.

Abela, a former HSBC bank manager, today categorically denied being linked to the allegation.

“If Jason Azzopardi has evidence, I call on him to mention his name. If he is referring to me, I am ready to take all steps necessary to defend myself. I will not allow anyone to sully my name,” he affirmed.

Azzopardi has alleged that Vince Muscat has information on a minister implciated in a major crime.

“Personally, I categorically deny that the story refers to me, and if anyone is making these allegations they should speak clearly so that I can consider my position, including legally, on who is alleging these things.”

Abela was put on the spot by Nationalist Party media yesterday, where he was initially reluctant in condemning any such alleged politician believed to be linked to the crime, and instead referred to statements made by PM Robert Abela to MaltaToday earlier that day.

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Robert Abela refused to give details on the reports when prompted on Monday morning, instead denouncing Jason Azzopardi for “undermining police investigations.” He claimed that the information passed onto him is not necessarily what Jason Azzopardi is alleging, and will only take action if the police commissioner advises him to do so.

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