Sixfold increase in yearly requests for work permits from Filipino workers since 2013

The number of Filipino nationals granted work and residency permits has registered an increase over the years, up from 259 in 2013 to 1,661 in 2019

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There were 1,661 Filipino nationals who were granted new residency and work permits in 2019, information tabled in parliament shows.

The figures show a sixfold yearly increase in permits granted to Filipino nationals since 2013.

The information was tabled in parliament by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri when replying to a question by Nationalist MP Ivan Bartolo.

In 2013, 259 Filipinos were issued new permits with the number increasing to 419 in 2014, to 660 in 2015, and 623 a year later.


The number shot up to 1,091 in 2017 and continued to increase to 1,556 a year later. Last year, 1,661 Filipinos were granted work permits.

A 2019 study on the working conditions of Filipinos in Malta by University of Malta academics Manwel Debono and Mario Thomas Vassallo, showed they are the largest group of migrants from outside the EU.

It also showed that Filipinos appear to face more difficult working conditions than other migrants in Malta, despite most workers registering a positive work experience.

The research showed that a substantial minority of Filipinos also work below their skill levels and more than 40 hours per week.

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