Police wait on PM’s go-ahead to access tax chief’s phone shows institutions are not working – PN leader

Opposition leader Bernard Grech calls on Prime Minister to allow police access into tax chief Marvin Gaerty’s phone, following allegations Abela requested tax information on the Nationalist leader

Having the police wait on the Prime Minister’s go-ahead on whether to access tax chief Marvin Gaerty’s phone as part of investigations being carried out by them, shows the country’s institutions are not working, Bernard Grech has said.

The opposition leader was reacting to reports on Sunday during a phone-in interview on the party’s radio station NET FM.

It was revealed that police are waiting for a decision from Prime Minister Robert Abela on whether to unlock tax chief Marvin Gaerty’s phone as part of investigations.

Described as “a pandora’s box of sensitive information”, it was reported the phone is a trove of information, which includes an exchange between Abela and Gaerty on opposition leader Bernard Grech’s tax situation.

“The country has been taken over by a clique of people. We have heard stories of how they got involved in deals, how they killed a journalist, and now this,” Grech said.

He said the police should not be asking for permission from the Prime Minister in order to access a phone during their investigations, saying this indicates failure in how the country’s institutions carry out their work.

Grech also called on Abela to issue the relevant permissions.

“The PM should give all the permissions needed if he is serene. It is easy for him to talk about my taxes, now he must step-up,” Grech challenged Abela.

Saying he would not be commenting on the case any further, Grech called on the police force and court to carry out their duties and ensure justice.


Reacting to the arrival of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine on Saturday, and the vaccination of the first Maltese person on Sunday morning, Grech said people’s responsibility should ensue.

“We are not out of it just yet, and we must continue to abide by instructions issued by health authorities,” he said.

On yesterday’s edition of L-Istrina, the opposition leader hailed work carried out by the community chest fund throughout the year, while also pointing out people’s generosity even in difficult times.

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