Cannabis should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol, ADPD says

ADPD says resources wasted in the war on drug victims should instead be used to strengthen the community  

Cannabis should be regulated and taxed like alcohol and tobacco, ADPD have said.  

The party was reacting to a statement by the Prime Minister Robert Abela where he announced that government will be launching a white paper on the decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use.  

“Over the years, despite the rhetoric and crocodile tears, authorities have ignored the suffering of thousands of people because of the so-called and ridiculous war on whoever smokes a joint. Victims of hard drugs are also made into victims of the justice system,” chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said.  

In light of recently published statistics that sixty percent of cases before the drug tribunal are for the possession of cannabis, ADPD said this is leading to a waste of police resources and cannabis.  

“The criminalization of drug users has completely failed, as even the United Nations claims. Those who are victims of heavy drugs have also ended up being victimized all over again, because instead of medical and social assistance they have ended up stuck in the criminal justice system,” spokesperson Samuel Muscat said.  

Muscat insisted the party want a model similar to the Portuguese one. “The Portuguese model has worked, it has reduced the harm on users and reduced the abuse of drugs.” 

“The resources being wasted in the war on drug victims should instead be used to strengthen the services of youth and community workers in our communities, to strengthen cultural and educational initiatives and community building skills.” 

He insisted the party’s policy on cannabis is that of making it a legally regulated substance.  

“The sale of certain types of cannabis should be regulated in the same way as the sale of tobacco and alcohol is regulated and taxed,” he said.