Qormi farmers call on Prime Minister's personal intervention on Mriehel flyover plans

In a letter to Prime Minister Robert Abela, more than 150 Qormi residents and farmers have insisted government consider alternative plans for the Mriehel bypass area

Moviment Graffitti and farmers raised concern about the impending road project on 19 December
Moviment Graffitti and farmers raised concern about the impending road project on 19 December

A group of over 150 residents and farmers in the Qormi-Mrieħel area have requested the personal intervention of Prime Minister Robert Abela on Infrastructure Malta’s fly-over plans.  

Residents’ opposition to the project is an ongoing saga, with the Qormi council unanimously voting against the project back in December 2020.

The issue was raised when farmers and residents, together with environmental NGO Moviment Graffiti, had revealed plans by the infrastructure agency to take swathes of land and fields in order to build a flyover.

Earlier this month, the local council also presented alternative plans for the project, which envision an under underpass replacing the proposed flyover without the loss of farmland. Back in December, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg had told the media that government would consider alternative proposals that do not necessitate the uptake of such land.

In their letter to the PM, the Qormi community has requested Abela’s consideration of the alternative plans presented by the Council, stating that “these will solve the traffic safety issue in the Imriehel junction often quoted by Infrastructure Malta.”

They also called out Infrastructure Malta boss Frederick Azzopardi for his “attitude” towards them, stating he had denied a number of requests for a meeting.

“During these meetings, Azzopardi was dismissive, making it more than clear that concerns were going to be ignored,” the letter read. “You can only imagine the weight this has on our health and wellbeing.”

The residents have called on Abela to intervene“in a spirit of dialogue and good faith” for government to consider a compromise in its plans for the area.

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