[WATCH] Safety of localities must remain a priority when dealing with migration – Bernard Grech

Opposition leader Bernard Grech takes cautious approach when speaking on the issue of migration, insisting international obligations must be observed, but people must feel safe in their localities

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

The Opposition leader Bernard Grech took a cautious approach when asked on the issue of migration on Sunday.

“While the country must observe international regulation, the safety and security of our localities must not be threatened,” he said.

The Nationalist Leader was interviewed by fashion designer Luke Azzopardi.

Grech said migration is a delicate subject and should be addressed holistically.

“While I believe we should always keep up with our obligations to save people who are fleeing danger in their country, we have to understand the realities of people who are living in our localities,” he said.

Speaking on IVF, Grech insisted the Labour government has not sustained its promise of having the full-procedure at no cost for the couples. “Yes, hospital services are free, but medication still comes at a cost and we must address it.”

“I spoke to couples who have spent more than €15,000 in medication over three cycles, and this for me is unacceptable,” he said.

Reacting to proposed legal amendments governing public collections and charity shops, Grech said that while it’s good to have regulation protecting against illicit activities like money laundering, such laws should not serve as too much of a burden for the organisations.

“Yes, there were people who abused of NGOs, but any regulation should help these organisations rather than make it more difficult for them,” Grech said.

On mental health, Grech said the PN will be unveiling a number of proposals on the sector, and looks to address issues in a proactive manner.

“This is not a sector which is addressed when the problem arises, but with a holistic and long-term plan,” he said. “We will be focusing on a number of issues like infrastructure and education.”

The PN leader also hit out at government for failing to addressing affordable housing, saying the price boom of the last five years was down to “artificial demand”.

“There are a number of ways the situation can be addressed including the improvement of wages and the efficient use of vacant properties,” he said.