Jumbo-screen will be general election novelty, civil service head says

Civil service head prospects ‘upcoming general election campaign’ to showcase jumbo-LED screen

Principal permanent secretary Mario Cutajar has advanced rumours of an upcoming general election, by way of a boast during a public service conference on pioneering use of a jumbo-LED screen.

With Labour Party officials having already hit the ground running with preparatory works for a possible late 2021 campaign – although plans remain in constant flux – Mario Cutajar’s comments to civil servants on Friday left little to the imagination.

Cutajar was addressing a Public Service Week policy meeting on the reach of public services rendered, at the Malta Fairs & Convention Centre at Ta’ Qali.

He was commenting on the use of an overhead jumbo-LED screen that was broadcasting by Zoom all participants from the civil service who were not physically present at the MFCC due to COVID-19 social distancing measures.

“The technical team tells me this is the first time this cylindrical screen is being used in Malta. So I wanted to say, before everyone starts using it... the election campaign is about to start so probably we’ll be seeing it more frequently... to show that the public service has showcase a ‘first’ yet again.”

Cutajar was making a comment on the use of advanced technology to allow such a conference to take place.