Post-COVID recovery plan prioritises environment, Prime Minister tells parliament

Prime Minister Robert Abela says more than half of the funds in the post COVID-19 economic recovery plan will be directed towards helping Malta achieve its environmental goals

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela said in parliament on Wednesday that the post COVID-19 economic recovery plan focuses on the environment and digital transformation.

“More than half of the funds will be allocated towards achieving our environmental goals,” Abela told parliament.

Abela said environmental plans include the transition to electric vehicles and public transport as well as climate change.

He also said digitization will focus on, among other issues, the digital transformation of public services, health and investment in schools.

On the EU summit meeting, Abela said European leaders discussed the issue of migration for border countries, as well as the need to help countries of origin and transit such as Libya. He said action is necessary to bring stability in these countries, while improving security at their borders.

Speaking on COVID-19, Abela said Malta will be linking up with the EU Green Certificate on Thursday, which would be helping to facilitate travel between European countries.

The PM said the EU has learnt its lesson from the pandemic, and is looking to improve capacity building should the world face any crisis following COVID-19.

Asked on how government plans to continue lifting coronavirus restrictions, the PM said it will do so cautiously so as to avoid spikes in cases. “If you look at England, they lifted restrictions too quickly, and are now faced with a spike in new cases.”

The PM also said that government agreed to the Opposition’s request for the recovery plan to be discussed in parliament, with a debate being held tomorrow morning.