COVID closures get support from catering lobby

ACE says it is supporting latest raft of health ministry measures on COVID-19 and urges frontliners in catering industry to get vaccinated

The association for catering establishments (ACE) has come out in support of new COVID-19 restrictions that closed Maltese borders to unvaccinated adults or people without their double dose of the vaccine.

ACE has called on the industry’s employees to ensure they are also vaccinated. “Restauranteurs are urged to kindly encourage their management and staff to heed the health ministry’s advice in getting vaccinated also. An initiative between government and business community should be launched to officially recognize business owners whose staff compliment are vaccinated in their majority, as a COVID-compliant establishment.”

ACE said the sustainability of the hospitality sector, which employs a labour force of over 25,000 employees, was equally as important as the needs of managing COVID-19 as best we can.

“With reference to statements by third parties on the tourism ministry’s focus on the UK tourist market being a ‘poisoned chalice’, it is important to keep in mind that this source market generated 650,000 tourists in 2019 – practically one fourth of the whole touristic presence,” ACE said.

Catering establishments sales were reignited by the introduction of the first batch of government vouchers in 2020. Now with the highest vaccination rate across the EU, covering 79% of adults with both doses, ACE said those reluctant to get jabbed should assume their responsibilities. “They are doing so to the detriment of the business community in general and their fellow citizens as well,” ACE said.