Activists call for Gzira Duck Village to be closed down after animals found in ‘filthy and unsanitary’ conditions

Animal Liberation Malta activists find enclosures riddled with leeches, dead pigeon carcasses and mice

Activists have called for the Gzira Duck Village to be closed down after animals were found in “dirty and unsuitable” conditions.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Animal Liberation Malta said that when paying the Duck Village a visit, animals were found in “filthy and unsanitary” conditions in a room at the back of the site.

Activists found animals which had no water, stagnant water with leeches inside and no food.

Rabbits were also found with chicken feed in their bowl and with no hay. Chicken feed is unsuitable for rabbits and causes them health problems, according to the organisation.

Rotting pigeon carcasses and mice were also found all over the place.

In a post, the organisation also said that the stench coming from the cages was so “repulsive” that activists had to stop themselves from vomiting.

“How can the authorities claim that this place meets minimum standards?!?! How is this place still open?” the post read. “Action must be taken!”

MaltaToday reached out to an organisation spokesperson who said that they have known about the sorry state of the animals “for ages”, and couldn’t believe the site was being given the green light by the authorities.

“We knew of the room at the back, and so we went there at 11 pm, jumped the fence and rescued the animals,” the spokesperson said.

She also said that the person charged with the Duck Village’s upkeep is “not fit to run the place”, and as long as he is there, the conditions will not improve.

“He is stubborn and has refused other people’s help to care for the animals, time and time again,” she said.

Animal Liberation Malta said that six rabbits, two baby chickens, two guinea fowl and four guinea pigs were taken from the rotting cages on the same night, and are currently being cared for at the Sunshine Animal Sanctuary.