PN wants Gozo ferry stop in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, bigger Mġarr Harbour and referendum on tunnel

The Nationalist Party unveils proposals for better connectivity between Gozo and Malta that include study on an airlink, a referendum among Gozitans on the tunnel project and two new Gozo Channel ferries

PN MPs Joe Ellis (left) and Chris Said (centre) with candidate Alex Borg
PN MPs Joe Ellis (left) and Chris Said (centre) with candidate Alex Borg

The Nationalist Party is proposing expanding Mġarr port, two new ships for Gozo Channel and a ferry stop in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq to improve connectivity between the islands.

In its latest raft of proposals concerning Gozo, the PN on Monday said it also wants to carry out feasibility studies on a possible airlink between Gozo and Malta.

On the road tunnel project, the PN says after all studies are carried out it will be Gozitans in a referendum who will decide whether the project goes ahead or not.

PN Gozitan MPs Chris Said and Joe Ellis presented the second batch of proposals concerning Gozo that dealt with improving connectivity between the islands. Candidate Alex Borg also attended.

Said pledged that a PN government will invest in a bigger port in Mġarr that would be able to accomodate cruise liners and other maritime activities. He said that more public parking spaces should be included as part of the expansion.

Ellis said the PN is proposing the commissioning of another two ships for Gozo Channel - one for passenger traffic and another for commercial vehicles.

He added that studies should be carried out in order to identify an area in Malta best suited for an alternative port, with St Paul’s Bay and Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq being shortlisted.

Another proposal is a holistic study on the viability of the project for a tunnel between Malta and Gozo.

Ellis emphasized on the need for studies to incorporate the environmental impact assessment, apart from the economic one.

PN candidate Alex Borg introduced the fourth proposal, which is to give a say on the tunnel project to the Gozitan people through a referendum, once all the studies are published.

The final proposal by the PN is the setting up of an airlink between Malta and Gozo, once all the technical, environmental and economic studies are made.

When asked about his position in favour of the tunnel pre-2013, Said argued that the PN was always consistent and clear that all the studies have to be carried out before an official position is taken.

Said was also asked about the PN’s call for the resignation of Minister Edward Zammit Lewis and whether this is inconsistent in light of the fact that two PN deputies met with Yorgen Fenech as well to ask for the sponsorship of a conference room.

He side stepped the question, insisting the minister was in constant communication with Yorgen Fenech, even after it was relieved the he was the owner of 17 Black and therefore the proposed PN vote of no confidence will be a test for Prime Minster Robert Abela.