Simon Schembri receives compensation over Liam Debono incident

Cabinet approves financial compensation for former police sergeant Simon Schembri, who lost his arm after he was run over by an underage driver in 2018    

Simon Schembri with Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri
Simon Schembri with Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri

Former Police Sergeant Simon Schembri has received financial compensation for an incident which left him physically disabled in 2018.

Joyrider Liam Debono is awaiting trial for the attempted murder of Simon Schembri, after he ran over him and dragged him under his Mercedes car, causing him to lose an arm.

Simon Schembri's lawyers had then filed a judicial act in the Civil Court asking for compensation for damages suffered by their client while performing his duties as a Police Sergeant.

This request was considered by the Ministry for Home Affairs after the necessary advice was sought from the authorities concerned, it said, and was later approved by the cabinet.

Home Affairs minister Byron Camilleri said although the government had nothing to do with this ugly incident, the agreement is giving comfort and compensation to Simon Schembri and his family as a public officer who suffered from an accident in the performance of his duties.

Camilleri reiterated that the police should always be respected during their work as they are at the service of the people and to observe the maintenance of public order.

He also insisted the incident does not reflect the general public’s views on police officers.