Anti-vaxxers, right-wing and Christian evangelists rail against ‘global vaccine experiment’

Demonstrators say they do not want mandatory vaccination and want to retain decision-making on children’s health

Protestors gathered in Valletta today to sound their voices with regards to the push for vaccinations by the state, especially on children and the COVID-19 mitigation measures.

A crowd of around 200 people followed Alleanza Bidla frontman Ivan Grech Mintoff and the newly-fledged ‘ABBA’ organisation’s calls for the protest. Chants of ‘Human Rights’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘No vaccine’ were echoed by most of the demonstrators during the protest walk.

Grech Mintoff appealed to the crowd more than once so that everyone cooperates and obeys social distancing and mask wearing rules.

There was pushback amongst a group of attendees that protested this and then even questioned Grech Mintoff’s authority.

One of the demonstrators, Jennifer, styling herself as a member of a parents and childrens’ rights movement, say she was “deeply concerned for wellbeing and safety of children in society. Rights for decision-making on children’s health are being breached and we only have the best interest of our children at heart.”

The crowd welcomed her words and those of other speakers who sounded their concern on children being vaccinated.

Other speakers included Clint Calleja on behalf of the right-wing Popular Party and gay conversion activit Matthew Grech from River of Love,

They argued for more liberty of choice on the vaccine, for religious liberty and against the government regulations on COVID restrictions.

Former presidend of the Human Health Alliance. said that he is pursuing a legal case on the COVID vaccine administration. He alleged that after requesting data as per the Freedom of Information Act, only 161 people died from COVID-19 in Malta.