PN’s outreach campaign urges people to ‘be the change’

PN launches new slogan and website, and invites all to contribute to the party

From Left to Right: Martina Caruana, Michael Piccinino, Mark Anthony Sammut
From Left to Right: Martina Caruana, Michael Piccinino, Mark Anthony Sammut

A recruitment drive by the Nationalist Party urging people to ‘be the change’, kickstarts the party’s Independence day celebrations.

On Thursday the PN unveiled a new website and slogan, ‘Be the Change’, inviting people to join the party as it prepares for the next general election.

PN general council president, Mark Anthony Sammut, presented the new PN campaign portal, that he said will be an active and interactive website.

He added that through the website, people could get to know the PN candidates better, keep themselves informed of the campaign and create a profile to join the party.

PN political-research president, Martina Caruana said that the party is creating an inclusive movement that will be with the people and for the people. She said that the country needs to regain the good reputation that it once had.

She said that many people that had never been in the PN are joining the party and they want to bring change to the country.

“Join us and contribute to the party. Passivity is not acceptable and if the PN does not satisfy your aspirations, join us to make a difference.”

PN General Secretary Michael Piccinino presented the programme for the Independence day celebrations, with political, artistic and sporting events in full respect of the Covid-19 regulations.

The political programme will see PN leader Bernard Grech hold Q&A sessions in various localities in Malta and Gozo.

Grech will be also quizzed by a journalist at the Floriana Granaries on Sunday 19 September.