Business lobbies warn of private sector brain drain as workers move to government jobs

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Gozo Business Chamber want independent audit of public sector employment

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

Companies are experiencing a significant loss of employees as workers ditch private sector employment for government jobs even when this means a lower salary, business organisations warn.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Gozo Business Chamber noted that several of their members keep reporting a significant loss of employees to the public sector.

Both chambers remarked that whilst they understand the needs of the public sector, overstaffing across various government departments and entities, eliminates business competitiveness.

They called for an independent review of public sector employment with the aim of creating a leaner and more efficient public administration.

The chambers also proposed a secondment of underemployed resources to the private sector and to refrain from employing full-time workers, who are adequately paid in the private sector.

“Given the present circumstances this should be in the interest of economic recovery and the long-term sustainability of public finances,” said the Chambers.

They echoed the same warning made last week by the Malta Employers Association, which lamented an increase in government jobs in the run up to the general election.

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