[WATCH] Vertical development the way forward for Ħal Far industrial estate - PM

With a race track set to be built in the Ħal Far Industrial Estate, the Prime Minister said vertical expansion will help increase industrial space in the area

With a €20 million race track to be built in the Ħal Far Industrial Estate, factories in the area will likely be extended vertically to cater for further manufacturing activity, Prime Minister Robert Abela said on Monday.

“The main principle is to not build on virgin land, meaning not entering outside-development zones,” Abela explained.  “In this case, where industrial space is being taken up, that’s where intelligent and sustainable development comes in.”

“We can’t continue working as we did in the past, building one storey and that’s it. Today’s reality is that we have to build vertically so that we can diversify while not decreasing industrial space.”

He mentioned a recent local investment announced by the currency printing company De La Rue, which will see its existing facility expand to 29,000sqm from  17,000sqm.

Government had already allocated €470 million to upgrade industrial estates. A large chunk of this investment is slated to go towards vertical expansion in industrial zones to increase available industrial space without taking up agricultural land.

Abela announced on Monday morning that government will be building a race track in the Ħal Far Industrial Estate. The track has been designed by German professionals and will be built away from any residential areas in nearby Birżebbuġa.

As proposed, the track will sit adjacent to a drag racing track and karting circuit.

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