PN promises 15 days off for new fathers, bereavement leave for miscarriage

The Nationalist Party has pledged to introduce 15 days of paternal leave for fathers and bereavement leave in the case of a miscarriage as it unveils family-friendly measures it will implement if in government

The PN pledges to increase paid paternity leave to 15 days if in government
The PN pledges to increase paid paternity leave to 15 days if in government

A Nationalist government will introduce two weeks of paid bereavement leave for parents who lose their child, including miscarriages, and 15 days of paternity leave.

The proposals form part of several family-friendly measures announced on Thursday that the PN will introduce if elected to government.

Nationalist MEP David Casa, who piloted EU legislation for increased paternity leave, said the country lacks policies which truly address the realities of modern families. “The proposals we are presenting today are a direct investment in Malta,” he said.

Casa had led negotiations on the European directive which gives fathers at least 10 days of paid paternity leave.

He said the PN is proposing to go further that what is legally required by the directive, and is proposing 15 days of paid parental leave for fathers. Maltese legislation currently only allows two days.

The party is also proposing that parental leave be extended to eight weeks.

He also said parents who adopt or foster, should also be entitled to parental leave. “These proposals will help reduce the gap between men and women in the workforce,” he said.

The PN also said the same measures will apply to self-employed workers.

One other measure will be the introduction of bearevement leave for parents who suffer a miscarriage.