[WATCH] Ministries have to adopt anti-racism action plan by year end

Malta unveils strategy to stamp out racism, two years after racist killing of Lassane Cisse

Under a new anti-racism strategy, all government ministries have to commit to an action plan to combat the phenomenon
Under a new anti-racism strategy, all government ministries have to commit to an action plan to combat the phenomenon

Each government ministry will have to present an action plan to combat racism by the end of this year under a newly announced strategy.

Ministries will be tasked with establishing frameworks for dialogue and co-operation with members of minority groups and their representatives. 

The strategy covers the next two years, and is divided into four objectives: establishing an infrastructure to drive the strategy, a systematic approach to confronting racism, promotion of political discourse based on intercultural inclusion, and tackling discrimination experienced by minority groups.

“Lassana Cisse’s brutal murder was a stark reminder about the reality of racism in Malta,” Equality Minister Owen Bonnici said at the launch of the strategy.

Condemning last Tuesday’s incident when an injured migrant worker was left abandoned on the street, Bonnici said racism must be tackled head-on. “Government’s strategy plans to do just that.”

The strategy will see the Human Right’s Directorate taking an active part in the implementation of reforms and measures across the different sectors of society. 

European Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli said the fight against racism must be carried out at every political level. 

“When we encounter racism, we need to confront it, like it is an attack on ourselves,” she said. 

Dalli said all sectors of society must be engaged in the fight against racist sentiments, and the battle must be put in the mainstream. 

Club ambassador and Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke, present for the conference, insisted the club is taking an active role in the fight against racism on a global level. 

“We at Manchester United will support inclusion at all cost,” he said.

Yorke was in Malta as part of a partnership agreement between VisitMalta, the tourism authority, and the English Premier League club.

Among other measures, the strategy will ensure that political parties commit to a no tolerance policy when vetting candidates.

It will also see the Human Rights Directorate engaging with the media as part of a “whole-of-society” approach for the implementation of a national anti-racism pact.