COVID-19: Two deaths registered, 110 patients in hospital

COVID-19 update 2 January | 747 new cases • 279 recoveries • 12,688 active cases • 110 patients in hospital, 7 in ITU • Vaccine booster doses 224,922

Two COVID-19 patients died on Sunday, while 110 other patients are being treated at Mater Dei Hospital.

Malta registered 747 new cases of COVID-19, according to the Healh Ministry’s daily bulletin.

279 patients recovered from the virus, leaving 12,688 active cases of COVID-19 in Malta and Gozo.

In the past 24 hours, two men aged 52 and 78 died while positive for COVID-19. In total, 479 people have died while positive since the start of the outbreak in Malta.

There are 110 patients currently being treated at Mater Dei Hospital, seven of whom are receiving intenseive care.

Since Saturday, 11 new patients were hospitalisated.

Health workers have administered 1,073,046 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, including first, second, and booster doses.

224,922 of the doses administered where booster jabs.  

Government recently shortened the mandatory quarantine periods for those who have received their COVID-19 booster jab.

those that test positive for COVID-19 and have had the booster shot, will be obliged to quarantine for 10 days, rather than 14, as long as they exhibit no symptoms in the last three days.

Primary contacts – those that come in contact with someone COVID-19 positive and are in possession of a valid vaccine certificate, will benefit from an early release and will only be obliged to quarantine for a seven-day period, after the last contact and after testing negative with a rapid test.

Secondary contacts – individuals that reside with persons that came into contact with a positive individuals, will not be obliged to quarantine, as long as they received a booster shot.

As of 17 January, bars, snack bars, gyms, pools and spas, band clubs, cinemas, theatres and sporting events will only be accessible to people with a valid vaccine certificate.

However, those with only a second COVID vaccine dose will not be eligible for entry if three months have elapsed since their last dose. 

For those with a third booster dose, the vaccine certificate will be considered valid for a period of nine months after the third jab.