Majority of UM exams to be held online

University of Malta announces majority of first semester exams will be held remotely

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The majority of first semester exams will be held online, the University of Malta has announced.

Different assessment modes apply across the university for the various study units delivered by faculties, institutes, centres and schools.

A total of 976 different examinations will be administered over a three-week period at UM. 700 of these will be held remotely whilst the remaining will be held on campus.

“This is primarily being done to minimise disruptions in assessment due to absences caused by quarantine obligation,” the statement read.

The university has also made arrangements for students who miss the sitting for their physical exams because of quarantine, to be provided with an alternative session or an alternative method of assessment, by not later than three weeks after the exam is first held.

Final year students who may miss attending university to sit for an examination due to quarantine will also be provided with a special session.

“Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing situation, the university is committed to identifying ways and means to enable all students to sit for their examinations and complete their first semester study units with minimal disruption,” the statement read.