First reading of Opposition’s anti-corruption Bills to take place on Monday

The 12 legislative Bills to fight corruption and mafia-style crimes presented by the Opposition were shot down by government for containing aspect of a money bill

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Parliament will be carrying out the first reading of the Nationalist Party’s anti-corruption Bills on Monday.

The Nationalist Party unveiled a package of 12 legislative Bills to fight corruption and mafia-style crimes that will include the creation of a special inquiring magistrate to focus solely on corruption by public officers.

But Government refused a first reading in parliament, with Labour Whip Glenn Bedingfield saying the motion had “aspects of money bill” and was therefore precluded by House rules and Constitution.

The PN has now split the 12 Bills into two private members’ bill, to bypass the claims by government. The first group contains 11 acts, with no possible reference to a money bill, while the second contains the bill that calls for the appointment of a special inquiring Magistrate to fight organised crime and corruption by public officials.

“Now the government should have no excuse to discuss the Bill and should not keep evading discussions,” PN leader Bernard Grech argued.

The Bill has been titled: ‘An Act to implement the main conclusions and recommendations of the Public Inquiry Board on the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia’.

The Bill was filed by Opposition leader Bernard Grech, deputy leader David Agius and Opposition Whip Robert Cutajar.

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