After storming out of PAC, Konrad Mizzi asks Speaker for protection from PN members

Konrad Mizzi says his rights were breached by allegations made by Opposition MPs during a hearing of the PAC where he is a witness

Independent MP Konrad Mizzi
Independent MP Konrad Mizzi

After storming from the Public Accounts Committee meeting, MP Konrad Mizzi asked for a ruling by Speaker Anglu Farrugia over the behaviour exerted by members from the Opposition.

Former energy minister Konrad Mizzi walked out of a Public Accounts Committee hearing on Wednesday after objecting to questions put to him by Opposition MPs.

“I was called corrupt, I was told I was going to prison, it was alleged that I was given money and that I called the Prime Minister… Beppe Fenech Adami also alleged I appointed my friends to the evaluation planning board,” Mizzi said.

“These are all false allegations. I ask for the protection of this room, as my rights were breached.”

Mizzi stated the committee was hijacked by members from the Opposition and asked the Speaker to read the transcripts of all the PAC meetings in which he appeared. Farrugia agreed to listen to the transcripts.

During the ongoing PAC meeting, all the members of the committee agreed to call back Mizzi for the rest of the testimony.

Eventually, Mizzi returned to the PAC to continue testifying.