Speaker’s ruling in Mizzi PAC fracas: MPs must exercise ‘exemplary behaviour’

Following ruling request by Konrad Mizzi, Anglu Farrugia directs committee members to lead by example and avoid using derogatory words

Speaker Anglu Farrugia
Speaker Anglu Farrugia

Speaker Anglu Farrugia directed members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to lead by example and avoid using derogatory words towards members of the House.

On Wednesday, former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi walked out of the PAC hearing, after objecting to questions put to him by Opposition MPs. He subsequently went to Parliament and asked the Speaker for a ruling, claiming his rights were breached, when allegations were made in his regard.

Farrugia said he read and analysed the transcripts of the four PAC meetings in which Konrad Mizzi had testified. He referred to parts of the transcripts were spats between Mizzi, chairperson Beppe Fenech Adami and other PN MPs occurred.

He noted that whilst each commiteemembers had a right to make any question, witnesses had a right to refuse to provide answers that could incriminate them.

Farrugia emphasised the behaviour of members of the PAC and any other members of the House had to be responsible, and that insults were not acceptable.

“In certain instances, chairperson Beppe Fenech Adami, Karol Aquilina and other members made offensive remarks towards Mizzi. This instigated a reaction from Mizzi who used derogatory words himself,” Farrugia said.

The Speaker appealed to all members of the PAC to lead by example and not resort to insults.

“Members of the PAC are directed to be cautious and observe guidelines of the committee, whilst making questions,” Farrugia said.

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