Diabetics aged 21 or lower to get free remote glucose monitors as from next week

Health Minister Chris Fearne announces monitors will be provided for free to all type 1 diabetics up until age 21, as from next week

Health Prime Minister Chris Fearne
Health Prime Minister Chris Fearne

All type 1 diabetics, up until the age of 21 will be getting continuous glucose monitors for free as from next week.

This was announced by Health and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne on Saturday morning on social media.

During the electoral campaign Fearne had announced that the remote glucose monitoring devices scheme would be extended to those aged 21, then to 35-year-olds and eventually to all type 1 diabetic patients.

Government had launched a six-month pilot project for children and adolescents under 16 years of age living with type 1 diabetes, providing them with monitors. The scheme was subsequently made permanent for this cohort.

The devices transmit real time results to a mobile phone app, enabling patients to do away with the finger prick method to test sugar levels.

Diabetes is an important cause for morbidity in Malta with around 10% of the population above 18 years estimated to be living with this condition, a proportion of whom are undiagnosed.

The incidence in Malta is expected to continue rising in all age groups, making diabetes a growing health problem.

The Maltese Diabetes Association had appealed for the devices to be provided be free for everyone with type 1 diabetes.