PL pledges remote glucose monitoring devices to all type one diabetic patients

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announces three long-covid clinics would be opening in Malta and Gozo

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne
Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne announced that a new Labour government would be extending the HPV vaccine for boys as well from next April and remote glucose monitoring to all type one diabetes patients as from next year.

Fearne was speaking during a Labour Party political meeting in Siggiewi on Wednesday evening.

“In the first days of a new Labour government, from 1 April, we will start disdtributing the HPV vaccine to boys aged 12 and older,” Fearne said.

He also announced that the remote glucose monitoring devices would be extended to those aged 21, then to 35-year-olds and eventually to all type one diabetic patients.

The Health Minister also mentioned a number of medicines that would be distributed for free as from 1 April, including for fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, cancer and HIV. Fearne mentioned that hearing aids for both ears, would be provided for free as well.

He provided the figures of how much each proposal would cost, saying the party had the credibility that it would deliver. The sizeable crowd of supporters gathered in Siggiewi responded with a standing ovation.

Fearne also spoke about the pandemic, saying that despite the difficulties, the Labour government transformed Malta into one of the best performing countries in the world.

He announced that a Labour government would be opening three long-covid clinics, one at Mater Dei hospital, one in Gozo and one at the Vincent Moran primary healthcare centre which would be opening in Paola.

“We have a track record of the past nine years. We have the credibility and the best team of competent candidates the country has ever seen,” Fearne said.