Robert Abela says work is the government's best legacy, promises jobs will be sustained

Abela says PN governments were a source of difficulty and that his government is one of sustain for workers

Prime Minister Robert Abela on Sunday (Photo: PL)
Prime Minister Robert Abela on Sunday (Photo: PL)

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that work was the best legacy of his government and promised that it would continue sustaining and protecting workers.

“Work is the best legacy of this government. Work is a right not a privilege and the best news on Labour Day is that we have less than a thousand people registering for work,” Abela said.

Abela was addressing PL supporters on Sunday afternoon, at Castille square, in celebration of Labour Day.

He spoke of courage and trust and said that although the day was not celebrated for three straight years, the government celebrated it by safeguarding jobs.

Abela referred to the COVID-19 restrictions that will be removed as from Monday and said he wanted people to have their life back.

“We want the people to have their life back and we will continue moving in that direction. We want tourists to come back in the thousands and businesses to prosper without difficulties,” Abela said.

The Prime Minister touched upon the war in Ukraine, saying that in face of the new difficulties the world was facing, the government had to safeguard and offer and opportunity to workers.

Abela said the government could not ignore the reality of inflation for businesses and said there was a stark difference between PN administrations and the current Labour government.

“Under a PN administration, the source of difficulty used to be the government but this government is one of sustain for the workers,” Abela said.

He also went on to say that the current rate of inflation in Malta was half the average in Europe, and that the country saw the biggest rate of inflation in 2008.

The Prime Minister stressed on the importance of a strong economy. “Without a sound economy, we cannot complete the digital transformation. Without a sound economy, we cannot improve the environment and give the people seven hundred million euros in new green spaces,” Abela said.

"Without a sound economy, we cannot reduce taxes for everyone, improve pensions and introduce a child guarantee.”

Abela also spoke about unity, saying that the most important thing was for the PL and the country to remain united, despite the challenges. He said that the government had to serve with humility and that it had to open its doors to everyone.

He took a dig at PN leader Bernard Grech, who he said was, “more focused on protecting his seat rather than assuming responsibility for the electoral defeat.”