[WATCH] Grech: ‘Jason Azzopardi never raised pardon for donation allegations with me’

Bernard Grech denied he ever discussed Yorgen Fenech pardon or received donations from Fenech’s extended family

Bernard Grech
Bernard Grech

Bernard Grech has flatly denied ever discussing a pardon for Yorgen Fenech with relatives of the murder suspect.

The Nationalist Party leader told journalists on Wednesday that he “never discussed any pardon for anyone, with anybody”.

Grech also said that former MP Jason Azzopardi had never raised these allegations and concerns with him before the March election.

Azzopardi has claimed that Grech was in a meeting with businessmen that included two relatives of Fenech when the issue of a presidential pardon was raised.

The meeting, purportedly also discussed financial donations to the party.

Azzopardi was not elected to parliament in the last election, claiming he was sidelined by the party administration. He has since resigned from the PN after Grech moved a motion in the administrative council asking that Azzopardi substantiates his claims.

Grech insisted today that under his leadership no members of the extended Fenech family had given the PN any donations.