After Maltese doctors' refusal, Andrea Prudente's pregnancy medically terminated in Spain

After being denied abortion in Malta despite have an unviable pregnancy, Prudente was treated in Spain and is now 'safe, resting and receiving care'

Jay Weeldreyer and Andrea Prudente at Mater Dei Hospital
Jay Weeldreyer and Andrea Prudente at Mater Dei Hospital

The partner of Andrea Prudente, the American tourist who was refused an abortion in Malta, has confirmed that the pregnancy was medically terminated in Spain.

Prudente was 16 weeks pregnant whilst on holiday in Malta, when she experienced a rupturing of the membranes – breaking of her waters – which led to the expulsion of the amniotic fluid, and the partial detachment of the placenta.

Although the foetus still had a heartbeat, Maltese doctors informed the couple there was a zero chance of survival for the foetus. And yet, doctors refused to terminate the pregnancy because of Malta's draconian abortion law that makes no exceptions.

Malta is the only country in the European Union that restricts abortion under all circumstances. Doctors told the couple that they could only intervene if there was an imminent risk on the life of Prudente. She was being treated with antibiotics to prevent the onset of sepsis while doctors waited for the foetus to die naturally.

After spending a week at Mater Dei hospital, the couple flew to the Spanish island of Mallorca on Thursday. "She's safe, resting, receiving the care she was denied in Malta," her partner, Jay Weeldreyer has said. "A terrifying ordeal is over and we can now deal with the loss of our daughter."

The pregnancy was medically terminated on Thursday night at the Mallorcan hospital and doctors were waiting for Prudente's body to naturally expel the foetus, which normally happens 24 hours later.

Their lawyer and director of the Women’s Rights Foundation Lara Dimitrijevic said Prudente was feeling "weak and exhausted, relieved and grieving" in a Facebook post.

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