Derelict Mosta land transformed into garden in memory of philanthropist Victor Calvagna

A million euros were invested into the project

The garden spans over 4,000sq.m
The garden spans over 4,000sq.m

A former abandoned field in Mosta has been transformed into a public garden in memory of Victor Calvagna, the beloved pediatric oncologist and founder of Puttinu Cares.

Ġnien Victor Calvagna, spanning over 4,000 sq.m was officially inaugurated by Environment Minister Miriam Dalli on Wednesday.

In a statement, the ministry said that a million euros were invested into the project, with the support of the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF). The works were carried out by GreenServ.

The ministry said this was an urban greening project that would improve the quality of life of residents, creating an accessible space for all, capable of hosting different local activities.

Sustainable and energy-efficient materials were used, with solar panels installed and recycled material used. The garden was designed around the existing olive trees with pathways made of natural materials.

The garden spans over 4,000sq.m
The garden spans over 4,000sq.m

“More residents and communities are seeking open green spaces in their localities. It is this Government’s commitment for the next seven years to invest in projects that improve our localities and offer recreational spaces for everyone. We are focusing on projects that are environmentally sustainable, including in their design,” Dalli said.

“We made sure that sustainability is at the centre of this project with pathways made of natural material that go around the existing trees where we then placed a number of benches. All the equipment in the garden is made of timber from sustainable forests while the rubber used in the playground and the decking are made from recycled materials,” WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca said.

NDSF CEO Raymond Ellul said that the work done in Ġnien Victor Calvagna is part of a series of investments in urban greening projects being funded from the Development and Social Fund all around the country with a total investment of €4.5 million.

He explained how NDSF was working to improve the social and quality of life of communities.

Relatives of Victor Calvagna and members of the Mosta Girl Guides were presented for the event.

Land belonged to fugitive murderer Ċikku Fenech

Fugitive murderer Ċikku Fenech ta’ Vanġiela once lived in the Mosta field on which the garden was built.

Notorious tenant Ċikku Fenech had been convicted of murder after infamously spending three months on the run. He rose to notoriety in June 1963, becoming Malta’s most wanted man for the murder of farmer Ċikku Vella.

He had hidden in caves in the Tal-Pellegrin in the Ġnejna area until eventually in late September he gave himself up to the police. Found guilty of murder, he was not sentenced to death but given a 15-year prison sentence, of which he served a good deal less.

Former parliamentary secretary Alex Muscat had announced plans for Fenech’s broken-down Land Rover to be integrated with the garden design.

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