Archbishop ready to mediate in Dominican sacking of headmaster Mario Mallia

Archbishop Charles Scicluna says he is ‘open to a service of mediation if both parties agree to negotiate’

Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna
Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna

Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna has said that he is open to “a service of mediation” between Mario Mallia and St Albert the Great college.

The announcement that Mario Mallia, who spent 16 years serving as the Valletta school’s head was sacked, sent waves through social media.

Mallia was accused of “usurping the school property” for allowing the Electoral Commission to use the school as a polling station against payment for the school, in a bid to alleviate the hardship of elderly voters having to walk to Fort St Elmo, as well as for “aggravated insubordination” after insisting to have college staff represented on a new board that liaises with the Dominican province of Malta.

The Order even cited misgivings over his curriculum programme aimed at fostering dialogue between children of different faiths, and for creating a cooperative for former college students who have a disability.

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The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) also led dozens of teachers, parents and students in protest at the sacking of Mario Mallia, the head of school of St Albert the Great in Valletta for 16 years.

Around 150 demonstrators gathered in mass applause for Mario Mallia, as the MUT announced trade disputes against the Dominican Order, which runs the Valletta school, and the Catholic Education Secretariat.

MaltaToday reached out the Archbishop over the case, asked Scicluna whether he condemns the decision, and whether he has approached the Dominican order.

“The Archbishop is open to a service of mediation if both parties agree and are willing to discuss and negotiate,” an archdiocese spokesperson said. He did not condemn the decision.

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