Minister involved in TM corruption case should resign immediately – PN

Nationalist Party spokesperson for transport Adrian Delia says Prime Minister Robert Abela should identify minister involved in Transport Malta corruption case  

Transport Malta (File photo)
Transport Malta (File photo)

The Nationalist Party has said the minister allegedly involved in a corruption case over driving tests has to resign immediately.

“The Prime Minister must immediately confirm who the minister is,” transport spokesperson Adrian Delia said.

A government minister has been linked to a corruption case surrounding driving tests involving three Transport Malta officials. The accused told police that the unnamed minister exerted influence for individuals to be assisted during their driving tests.

Transport Malta director for the Land Transport Directorate Clint Mansueto, former Żebbuġ Labour councillor Philip Edrick Zammit and Raul Antonio Pace pleaded not guilty to charges brought against them.

Delia said the minister should resign in the best interest of transparency until there is no doubt about the said minister.

“The minister should shoulder political responsibility and resign until his name is cleared,” Delia said.

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola also reacted to the case, claiming police are protecting politicians.

“They give Mansueto's name. They give Donald's name, but they hide the name of the minister and political party involved. Why are the police and courts involved in this omerta' to protect the politicians?” he said.