No public inquiry into death of Jean Paul Sofia, PM indicates

Prime Minister Robert Abela insisted that an inquiring magistrate is already investigating the December 2022 collapse that killed Jean Paul Sofia

Prime Minister Robert Abela has dismissed calls for a public inquiry to investigate the death of Jean Paul Sofia.

Abela confirmed this in a statement made in response to a parliamentary question from Nationalist MP Jerome Caruana Cilia.

Jean Paul Sofia, who was 20 years old, lost his life on December 3, 2022, when a three-story building in Kordin collapsed, resulting in a 16-hour search and rescue operation to retrieve his body.

Five others were also hospitalised due to the accident, but no one has been charged over the collapse.

When asked about the lack of progress in finding those responsible, the Prime Minister stated that an inquiring magistrate is already investigating the case, while other relevant authorities are also conducting their own inquiries.

“If we really want justice, these institutions need to be allowed to work in serenity,” he said.

 “I appeal to them to give maximum importance to this case, so that the victim’s family and society can enjoy swift justice”.

Caruana Cilia had previously accused the authorities of attempting to bury the incident to avoid upsetting those in positions of power with connections to influential individuals.