After Steward saga, Adrian Delia pleads for unity amidst loud cheers at PN headquarters

Adrian Delia was accompanied by Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech for the political activity 'Rebħa għal Malta' after the Vitals-Steward judgement on Friday

A redemption strategy could be in the pipeline for the Nationalist Party, but only if its delegates work together as a united front, the party's former leader Adrian Delia told supporters on Sunday. 

“If a lone person won this battle alone, imagine what we could be doing together,” a zealous Delia said in a plea for unity.

Greeted with loud cheers, high emotions and several standing ovations, Delia accompanied Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech and PN MP Stephen Spiteri in addressing the political activity 'Rebħa għal Malta'.

The activity served as a celebration after a historic court judgement on Friday which annulled the concession agreement that privatised three hospitals and sold them to foreign investors.

Delia quoted the sentence several times throughout the activity, noting how Judge Francesco Depasquale said the hospitals' deal was fraudulent, with the investors' actions "possibly criminal".

Delia stated "seven cardinal errors" that suggested Prime Minister Robert Abela was an accomplice in the Vitals-Steward transaction. 

"Robert Abela was Castille's advisor. He was elected in 2017 and defended the cause. He was there when the reports started to come out, and he was there when it was disclosed that Steward had taxes to pay. He was there when I, together with Bernard Grech, filed a legal protest to hold government MPs accountable, and Robert Abela was there when, year after year, they increased the budget for Steward to continue looting us."

Delia pushed on the government's wrongdoings, noting that even after Vitals and Steward failed to deliver on the promises made in their contracts, and the government realised it had been deceived, "they still did nothing". 

"Rather than giving them additional money, the government should have urged them to leave," Delia said. 

Finally, Delia reassured the crowd that the Nationalist Party is "stronger than ever", and honoured the late Robert Arrigo for his unwavering support till his death last year.