Minimum wage revision recommendations expected by end of year

The government is launching a Low Wage Commission that will make recommendations on a revision of the minimum wage by the end of 2023

The government has officially launched the Low Wage Commission, aimed at recommending a revision of the minimum wage by the end of the year.

The commission was established following an agreement between the government and social partners to increase the minimum wage, which has not happened in decades beyond cost of living adjustments.

Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Andy Ellul, made the announcement during a press conference, stating that the commission will be governed by a specific law and chaired by the Chairman of the MCESD.

The commission will consist of representatives from unions, employers, and the government.

Ellul also mentioned that the commission would be able to engage experts who can assist with specific calculations and analyses in relation to the commission's recommendations.

He emphasised that the government represents both workers and employers and must ensure that every worker has enough income to live a decent life without placing great burdens on businesses.

“This launch is not only an important step towards creating a fairer society but also a historic step in the history of social dialogue in Malta. It also reflects the government's relentless commitment to improve the standard of living of all citizens, especially for those who are the most vulnerable,” concluded Ellul.