Opposition leader criticises PM's inaction over Cutajar Whatsapp leaks

PN leader says Prime Minister ‘trapped and weak’ for failing to take action on allegations surrounding Rosianne Cutajar

Bernard Grech has criticised Robert Abela for his lack of action over Whatsapp chat leaks between MP Rosianne Cutajar and alleged Caruana Galizia murder mastermind Yorgen Fenech.

"I wouldn't have woken up this morning worrying about the next step because she'd be long gone," Opposition leader Bernard Grech said on Wednesday.

Fielding questions from the press, Grech said Cutajar should have been removed much earlier, given previous allegations concerning the former parliamentary secretary.

Author Mark Camilleri, published Cutajar’s unredacted intimate chats with Fenech, yesterday.

The PN leader accused the Prime Minister of being "trapped and weak" for failing to take decisive action.

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Grech stated that Robert Abela is being "led by criminals and thieves who have hijacked the health, justice, environment, and economy sectors."

He recalled how nearly a month has elapsed since the Vitals/Steward verdict, which went “against Robert Abela and others” who "conspired behind the people's backs" to hand out fraudulent and illegal contracts.

"With all of this behaviour, Robert Abela's government has abandoned all Socialist principles and become a fake government,” the Nationalist leader said.