[WATCH] Robert Abela emphasises humility and unity in a bid to win over sceptical Labourites

On Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela and the Labour Party celebrated a year in government

In a bid to garner support from sceptical Labourites, Robert Abela preached about the importance of humility and reminisced about past successes.

“Sceptic Laboruites, I am coming for you... Together we build on what has already been done, ” Abela said, addressing a crowd of Labour supporters gathered at the party headquarters in Ħamrun.

Welcomed to chants of “Viva l-Labour,” Abela today celebrated with fellow PL members of Parliament, one year since winning last general election.

"Remain humble, and do not allow anyone to become haughty. Humility is the weapon that dismantles other people's arrogance," Abela told the crowd.

Abela recalled how a year ago, coming out of the election, Malta was still egressing the pandemic, while the Ukraine war was in its early days. 

However, he pointed out, “people made a clear choice where they showed confidence in the election program 'Malta Flimkien.”

The crowd booed when Abela mentioned how Opposition Leader Bernard Grech would not have been able to say the same in his first year of office.

“Remember the fiasco of an election campaign they had, during which they released a new version of their manifesto every day... How could he lead the country when he had no idea what he intended to achieve?”

Following a rundown of the reforms, legislations, and developments that moulded the first 365 days of PL ruling, the Prime Minister promised the crowd that Labour's aims for the remainder of the legislature, as indicated in the PL's manifesto, would be upheld.

Despite mentioning the acceptable, Abela brushed off the scandals that the PL administration has faced in recent weeks. The Vitals/Steward saga, in particular, and, most recently, the WhatsApp exchanges between Labour MP Rosianne Cutajar and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech, which were exposed by author Mark Camilleri.

Furthermore, part of these scandals were raised in MaltaToday's exclusive interview with Robert Abela. Watch the full interview here | Messages from Castille: Robert Abela’s politics of compromise