[WATCH] Abela announces higher stipends, childrens’ allowance in Freedom Day speech

Prime Minister Robert Abela announces an increase in stipends and children’s allowance while addressing a massive crowd in Birgu on the eve of Freedom Day

Prime Minister Robert Abela announced an increase in stipends and children's allowance while addressing a massive crowd in Birgu on the eve of Freedom Day. 

Accompanied by his wife Lydia, Abela walked down a red carpet towards the podium where he highlighted a range of measures the Labour administration has undertaken in various sectors. 

He emphasized that new measures would continue to be taken to ensure justice for all.

On the topic of justice, Abela mentioned former Labour Minister Edwin Grech, who passed away a few weeks ago, while discussing people "who dedicated their lives for the greater good of the country." 

He remembered how Grech had left everything behind in England to return to Malta.

"The doctor left everything behind to serve his home country because he loved Malta and was paid only by the assassination of his daughter. He died with the harshest of punishments, seeing no justice done."

Abela also promised new tax credits to help people with disabilities, which would be implemented soon. 

He said “in a future and diversified economy,” he looked forward to seeing more women pursue careers in science, math, and technology. 

Abela promised that the Labour government would continue to build on its successes and correct any mistakes it may have made over the next four years.

He reiterated that "justice must be done with everyone" and promised, once again, a new general hospital in Gozo. 

“We have the ideas and energy to implement the future, we have the will to change when we make mistakes. Each measure we implement reflects the principles of social justice we believe in."