Polish Foreign Minister inaugurates Embassy of Poland during his visit in Malta

The inauguration was followed by a bilateral meeting between Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau and Foreign Minister Ian Borg

Poland has officially opened a new Embassy in Malta. The building was inaugurated visit by the Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau in the presence of Foreign Minister Ian Borg.

The two Ministers also had a bilateral meeting whereby they reiterated the commitment of the two countries to continue strengthening the diplomatic relations of more than 50 years.

In these discussions, Borg expressed his belief that the diplomatic and commercial relations between the two countries will continue to be strengthened, now that Poland has also officially opened its representation in Malta. 

He also noted the good connectivity that exists between the two countries and how this is important for strengthening of trade, particularly in the tourism industry and in the teaching of the English language.

During this meeting, current political issues such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Malta's role on the United Nations Security Council, the positions of the two countries in the European Union and regional issues were also discussed.

From his end, Zbigniew Rau said it is an honour for him that, from 2019 until today, he is the first Polish Minister to officially visit our country. 

Minister Rau reiterated that Poland also understands Malta’s position regarding irregular immigration since Poland, like Malta, is a country located on the European border. 

He further confirmed that Poland will continue to support international law in light of the Russian aggression in Ukraine.