Transport authority says new vehicle registration plate delays have been resolved

Transport Malta says ‘overwhelming increase’ in vehicle registration deposits resulted in resgitration plates delay

File photo (James Bianchi/mediatoday)
File photo (James Bianchi/mediatoday)

Transport Malta has announced it resolved the delay in new vehicle registration plates.

“During that time, there was an overwhelming increase in vehicle registration deposits, resulting in a maximum delay of 12 days from deposit date,” the transport agency said.

Last April, MaltaToday reported on how delays in issuing car number plates by TM was burdeing importers with stocked garages and cash flow issues.

“Transport Malta is pleased to announce that as of May 2nd, waiting times for new number plates are back to the normal processing time maximum of 48 hours from deposit date,” it said.

To ensure the registration process remains within an acceptable time frame of one to two days, the authority said it is continuously recruiting and training new staff to reach full complement.

“Transport Malta remains committed to providing efficient and high-quality service to its customers,” it said.