PN asks Police Commissioner to investigate annulled hospitals deal, Abela and Muscat

PN files formal request for police investigation into annulled hospitals contract and several people including Prime Minister Robert Abela, his predecessor Joseph Muscat and foreign bosses of the company

Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia
Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech and Adrian Delia have filed a formal police report asking police chief Angelo Gafa to investigate the Steward hospitals concession.

Grech and Delia filed the request on Monday, soliciting the Police Commissioner to investigate the deal based on court findings that annulled the contract, official documents and press reports. 

The PN said in a statement that the judge who annulled the hospitals contract last February emphasised the court's concern that people close to government were not able to perform their duty with regards to the concession. The party said the Auditor General had also noted that the deal was suspicious from inception.

Grech and Delia asked Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa to also investigate people who could have influenced the deal. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela, his predecessor Joseph Muscat; Health Minister Chris Fearne and his predecessor Konrad Mizzi; Finance Minister Clyde Caruana and his predecessor Edward Scicluna; former economy minister Chris Cardona; former OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri; private bosses Ram Tumuluri and Armin Ernst; and Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Health Care.

The police complaint was drawn up by PN MPs Joe Giglio and Karol Aquilina.