Christina Aguilera to headline Malta Europride 2023 concert

Christina Aguilera is set to perform at the Floriana granaries on the 16 September in a free concert as part of the Valletta Europride 2023 celebrations

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Music icon Christina Aguilera, renowned for her multi-platinum records and numerous Grammy awards, is set to perform at the Malta Europride 2023 next September.

The multi-Grammy award-winning, Billboard Music charts topping, and MTV Awards-winning artist is known for her support of the LGBTIQ community, and will be performing at the Fosos in Floriana on the 16 September.

Her performance will symbolically be marking the culmination of the Europride festivities.

"Through her powerful music and unwavering dedication, Aguilera has consistently championed inclusivity and acceptance, making her the perfect choice to conclude this landmark event," ARC president Maria Azzopardi said on Wednesday.

Malta expects 40,000 visitors for the Europride celebrations that will be held over a 10-day period.

Europride is a pan European international event dedicated to LGBT pride that is hosted by a different European city each year.

Malta will host Europride 2023 in Valletta between 7 and 17 September, making it the smallest country to ever host the event. The chosen theme for the Valletta celebrations is Equality From The Heart.

"This is an incredibly exciting time for the LGBTIQ+ community in our country. After generations of enduring painful prejudices, Malta has made remarkable progress over the past decade, implementing reforms that ensure equality and fostering changes that promote freedom. It is a great honor for Europe to select Malta as the host country for this year's EuroPride. We will proudly lead this European celebration, advocating for love and acceptance for all," stated Rebecca Buttigieg, Parliamentary Secretary for Equality.

Buttigieg also announced that Malta will host an international conference on Human Rights for LGBTIQ+ people. Spanning two days, the conference will provide a platform for academics and experts to delve into crucial issues affecting this community.

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sports, the human rights landscape in the MENA region, HIV and sexual health, and the significance of national action plans in advancing equality.

Numerous dignitaries and senior officials are expected to attend, making it an inspirational and valuable networking opportunity for those committed to creating a more equitable world.

"Throughout this international conference, we will not only have the chance to showcase the positive practices implemented in our country but also to learn from other nations, listening to the knowledge and experiences of individuals from across Europe and beyond," concluded Buttigieg.