Abortion amendments signed into law, NGO offering help to women with pregnancy complications

President George Vella signs the revised abortion amendments • Doctors for Choice announces service for women with complications in pregnancy to discuss their abortion options in Malta and abroad

President George Vella has officially signed the amendments to the criminal code, allowing for abortion procedures to be administered in exceptional cases.

Following the unanimous vote in favour in parliament on Wednesday, after the government’s decision to revise the proposed amendments to prevent Vella from resigning, the President signed Act XXII of 2023 into law.

The President’s insistence led to a revision in the wording of the proposed law, introducing the concept of a three-member medical team that will be deciding on the termination of pregnancies and makes it clear that a viable foetus has to be birthed.

PN and Opposition leader Bernard Grech, whose party had opposed the original proposals, had welcome the revision and said that “life won and Malta won”.

Doctors for Choice announce new service for women with pregnancy complications

The pro-choice NGO Doctors for Choice announced a new voluntary service for women with complications in pregnancy to discuss their abortion options in Malta and abroad.

“We are pleased to announce a new service provided on a voluntary basis by Prof Isabel Stabile and Dr Natalie Psaila for any pregnant person in Malta with a complication during pregnancy who wants to discuss their abortion options in Malta or abroad,” the NGO said in a press release.

They said that any person can call them, regardless of whether they are at home or admitted to a hospital.

Women will be able to discuss whether they are likely to qualify for a termination in Malta, and if not, what services are available abroad.

“Legislators who enacted this law have repeatedly stated that they do not wish any woman who is having complications to be at death’s door before they receive treatment. This new service will inform women of their rights with the hope of avoiding morbidity and mortality,” the NGO said.

This service is being added to the already established Abortion Doula Support Service provided by Prof Isabel Stabile and Dr Natalie Psaila.

Apart from helping women with complications in pregnancy, this service also provides information to women undertaking an abortion with pills at home or in a clinic abroad. “Abortion is a reality in Malta and this service is meant to reduce the likelihood of harm to women by ensuring they can spot any complications and seek treatment, and to avoid the use of dangerous abortion methods,” the NGO said.

People wanting to make use of this service can call on +356 20341683.

The doctors can also be contacted by email on [email protected] and [email protected].

More information is available online at: