MaltaToday political survey out on Sunday

MaltaToday will be publishing its political survey on Sunday, covering voting intentions, the leaders’ trust barometer and the recent addition, government performance barometer

MaltaToday has been mapping voter sentiment for almost two decades
MaltaToday has been mapping voter sentiment for almost two decades

The MaltaToday political survey will be published on Sunday covering three key indicators following a tumultuous two weeks characterised by the Jean Paul Sofia case.

MaltaToday will be publishing the results of people’s voting intentions if an election were to be held tomorrow and the trust rating of Robert Abela and Bernard Grech. These two indicators have been mapped by this newspaper for almost two decades.

The most recent addition is a government performance barometer in which people rate the administration’s performance on a scale from one to five.

The survey was held across two weeks, starting before the parliamentary vote on the Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry and ending the following week, days after the Prime Minister did a U-turn on the issue.

MaltaToday is the newspaper with the longest track record of continuous polling, having been carrying out surveys for almost 20 years.

The surveys provide an accurate snapshot of voter sentiment in the country and have generally reflected the outcome of elections.

Get the full results in the printed edition out tomorrow.