Greens to lead Valletta protest against 'corruption, incompetence and carelessness' on Thursday

ADPD – The Green Party are demanding accountability for an 'unbearable situation of repeated and long power cuts'

ADPD's poster for Thursday's protest (Photo: ADPD)
ADPD's poster for Thursday's protest (Photo: ADPD)

ADPD – The Green Party will be holding a protest against corruption, incompetence and carelessness next Thursday in Valletta.

“We'll be protesting the corruption, incompetence and carelessness which are leading to the unbearable situation of repeated and long power cuts. We demand accountability for this situation,” the Greens said in a statement.

The protest will be held on Thursday 27 July at 7pm outside of Parliament in Valletta.

“It is evident that the country is on its knees due to continuous power cuts. This means a huge burden on families and businesses. Everyone is affected, but the most affected are the vulnerable who are already crushed by inflation and wages that do not meet their basic needs.”

Throughout a daunting heatwave this week, many families had to endure power cuts that lasted nights and days, all over Malta and Gozo.

Many expressed their frustrations on social media, saying that the heat was unbearable - leading to sleepless nights. Some also complained that they had to throw away food that went bad, including some supermarkets.

ADPD is demanding a well-being economy instead of costly massive projects and an economic policy based on overdevelopment and speculation, which according to them - led to an overburdened and inadequate infrastructure.

“Urgent action is needed before it's too late... see you in Valletta!”

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