Opposition wants no-confidence vote against Miriam Dalli

Opposition files a parliamentary no-confidence motion against Energy Minister Miriam Dalli following widespread power cuts • Labour Party dismisses the Opposition's motion as puerile

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli
Energy Minister Miriam Dalli

The Opposition filed a no-confidence motion against Energy Minister Miriam Dalli, in response to widespread power cuts that have plagued the nation for several days.

The motion was formally lodged in parliament, which is currently on summer recess, by Opposition leader Bernard Grech, alongside shadow minister for energy, Mark Anthony Sammut, and whip Robert Cutajar. 

The Nationalist Party argued that the country is currently facing a national emergency, and yet Minister Dalli has failed to acknowledge the gravity of the situation, despite the daily struggles faced by thousands of citizens due to prolonged power outages.

Previously, the PN had urged the Prime Minister to summon an urgent parliamentary session to discuss the crisis, but the request was dismissed as a “political manoeuvre.” 

According to the PN, Minister Dalli's inability to address the issues that arose during her tenure has rendered her position untenable. 

They maintain that she bears responsibility for the shortcomings that have contributed to the current energy crisis.

In response, the Labour Party dismissed the Opposition's motion as puerile, asserting that the government, including Minister Dalli, is actively focused on implementing the necessary changes promised in their electoral program. 

These changes are being accelerated due to the pressing impact of climate change on the nation's energy demands.

The Labour Party suggested that, if the PN were in control, Malta would suffer from insufficient power generation capacity, implying that the current crisis is not solely attributed to the actions of the Energy Minister.

Parliament is set to reconvene on October 2.