'Gafa still afraid of stepping on some people's toes' - Grech urges voter fraud investigations

Bernard Grech said that if he were Robert Abela he would urgently send for the Police Commissioner to investigate the allegations of voter fraud

Opposition and PN Leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)
Opposition and PN Leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)

Updated at 2:20pm with PL reaction

PN and Opposition leader Bernard Grech called on Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa to step up and investigate the voting fraud allegations.

Interviewed on NetFM on Sunday morning, Grech said that Gafa should “wake up from his sleep” and stop being afraid of “stepping on some people’s toes”.

A Transport Malta whistleblower unveiled a potentially criminal conspiracy involving the transfer of ID cards of deceased foreign-born Maltese citizens to other foreign residents.

Allegedly, these cards were then exploited for voting in favour of the Labour Party and the whistleblower said that he was involved with the party for over a decade.

Grech emphasised that the allegations were of a serious nature and that they came from a former Labour Party militant.

“These are only allegations so far, but they are of a serious nature. Voting is the basis of democracy in every modern country. In every election people should have their say in the fairest and freest way possible,” Grech said.

He said that the institutions had a duty to do their job and that the Labour Party was attacking the Nationalist Party for allegations it had nothing to do with.

“If I were Robert Abela I would urgently send for the police commissioner to investigate the allegations. What are they hiding?” Grech asked.

Quality of life

Grech said that the quality of life of the Maltese was deteriorating and blamed it on the Labour Government’s policies that “doubled the population in ten years”.

He said that many foreigners were unaccounted for and that the census numbers did not reflect the true population of the country.

Grech said that the tens of people that are regularly caught without papers, during the routine police inspections, prove that.

He said that he had nothing against foreign workers but promised that a PN government would invest in economic sectors that did not need an excessive number of unskilled foreign workers. 

PL says that Grech is resorting to desperate lies

In reaction, the Labour Party said that “once again Grech proved that he has nothing to offer politically, and he resorted to base his politics on lies.”

Taking a dig at the incident at the Hamrun PN club, PL said that Grech has become so relevant that he was not even allowed inside his own party’s club.

PL said it was absurd that the PN media quoted the Police Commissioner and, Grech then, said that the police did not communicate anything about the voter fraud allegations.

“Either Grech had no internet access or once again he did not like the answer,” PL said. 

PL also said that the PN media and its allies resorted to a series of lies, including claims that certain I-gaming companies will leave Malta and that of the votes submitted on behalf of dead people.

“This is the politics of the desperate ones that learnt nothing.”