Nationalist Party accuses Andy Ellul of abusing public funds in Facebook advert

Nationalist MPs have reported Andy Ellul to the standards commissioner over this Facebook advert

Parliamentary secretary Andy Ellul
Parliamentary secretary Andy Ellul

The Nationalist Party is accusing parliamentary secretary Andy Ellul of abusing public funds in a Facebook advert that they deem inappropriate for a public office.

In a statement on Wednesday, the PN accused Ellul of using government money to run political adverts in his favour.

“He avoided spending his own money, since political adverts like this should be paid from his personal funds,” the party said.

Nationalist MPs Karol Aquilina and Ivan Castillo have also reported this to the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life.

The PN was referring to a Facebook advert circulating since 28 September paid for by the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, the secretarial office led by Ellul.

“This is a clear breach of ethics and law by another Labour Party parliamentary secretary, who is so arrogantly using taxpayer money for his own political propaganda.”

In response to the allegations, Ellul insisted that it was the Labour Party that created structures and entities like the standards comissioner in the first place. "The PN and its friends are using [those structures] in an attempt to hinder our work. We won't allow it."

Ellul also said that the advert in question was a video to promote the National Worker of the Year award and encourage people to nominate workers to be recognised for their hard work.

"We will continue our work forcefully in every sector, with the people and close to the people."