Ian Borg: Malta cannot ignore international breaches in Gaza-war

Foreign Affairs Minister Ian Borg and Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami in agreement that Malta’s neutrality should not stop the country from taking a stance against breaches of international law in Gaza

Palestinians inspect their destroyed houses
Palestinians inspect their destroyed houses

Foreign Affairs Minister Ian Borg stated Malta cannot ignore the situation in Gaza while international treaties continue to be “blatantly breached”.

“Yes, Malta is militarily neutral, but that does not mean it will turn a blind eye as international law is broken,” Borg told parliament while speaking during the Budget debate.

The minister was speaking about the ongoing war in Gaza, as more than 11,000 people have been killed following the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October.

The minister said Malta believes, and expects, that states respect each other’s sovereignty, and irrespective of who is the aggressor and victim, has always sided with good.

Borg stated that while Malta had no issue with condemning the Hamas attack on Israel, Israel’s response should be in line with the law.

“It is Palestinian civilians who are now suffering and paying for the Hamas actions, even though the group does not represent the Palestinian cause,” he told parliament.

He said Malta has always been consistent in calling for a two-state solution. “It is the only this way, with Jerusalem being the capital for the two states, that the region can be at peace.”

“Malta has been consistent in its position and is using its seat at the UN Security Council to try to hammer out a resolution,” he said. The government’s position has also been adopted by parliament through its foreign affairs committee.

Earlier, Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami condemned the Hamas attack, saying nothing justifies the murder of people, the use of hostages and useless killings by the group.

“Hamas are not the Palestinian people. What Hamas did, tarnishes the Palestinian cause,” he said.

Fenech Adami also said that in the same way he condemned the Hamas attack, he condemned Israel’s response.

“The policy of an ‘eye for an eye’, will not solve anything,” he insisted.

He said Israeli hostages should be released, while also appealing for Israel to stop the bombing of civilian centres in Palestine.

“There should be a ceasefire in the region. Our neutrality should not stop us from taking a stance against breaches of international law,” he insisted.