Darren Carabott: Lack of government action is reducing Valletta residents’ quality of life

Nationalist MP Darren Carabott says authorities should be striving to make Valletta a cultural destination which attracts quality tourism

Valletta (File photo)
Valletta (File photo)

Nationalist MP Darren Carabott has questioned what government is doing to address the “problems” facing Valletta.

“Residents and business owners are complaining how their quality of life is being chiselled away because government is not doing anything,” he told parliament during the adjournment speech on Monday.

He slammed the legal notice allowing music to be played in Valletta until 1am, saying it has become a nuisance for those working and living in the area.

Carabott said government is failing to recognise the problem, and instead of a push towards cultural events and high-quality tourism, the capital has been reduced to a drinking destination.

He also made reference to videos which circulated online last month, which showed teenagers fighting in the streets of Valletta. “The Prime Minister himself said last year that he would not be happy to let his daughter walk the streets of the capital by herself.”

The MP said nothing has been done at a legislative level to address the “problem” of young teens meeting up at Valletta “to fight”.

“No wonder people are losing trust in us politicians,” he concluded.

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