ALIVE Charity Foundation donates €120,000 to university for cancer research

ALIVE Charity Foundation presents the sum of €120,000 as a donation to the Research, Innovation, and Development Trust

The ALIVE Charity Foundation presented the sum of €120,000 as a donation to the Research, Innovation, and Development Trust (RIDT).

The money was raised during the ALIVE Charity Foundation 2023 fund-raising campaign.

This contribution will be utilized to fund critical Cancer Research projects at the University of Malta, aimed at advancing the country’s understanding of cancer and improving treatment options.

The announcement comes as part of the ALIVE Charity Foundation's commitment to supporting initiatives that contribute to the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer. Coinciding with World Cancer Day on 4th February, the international day dedicated to raising awareness about cancer and supporting global efforts in its prevention and treatment, this donation is a reminder of the ongoing battle against this devastating disease.

"We are proud to make this donation on World Cancer Day, a day that resonates deeply with our mission to combat this devastating disease. The funds will go towards supporting ground-breaking research projects at the University of Malta, contributing to advancements in cancer treatment and care," said Nicky Camilleri, Chairperson of the ALIVE Charity Foundation.

“The generous and regular donations by ALIVE Charity Foundation, make it possible for the University of Malta to sustain a long term vision of cutting edge cancer research. It is very encouraging for our researchers to know that they can count on NGOs, individuals and businesses within the community, I encourage others to follow the footsteps of the ALIVE Charity Foundation,” Prof Alfred Vella, Rector of the University of Malta, said.

Since its inception in 2013, the Foundation has donated over €820,000 for various cancer research projects. The ALIVE Charity Foundation thanked all its fund-raising partners, particularly Tum Invest, La Roche Posay, Garmin Malta, Falzon Group, Empav Engineering and Cisk 0.0, for their support, playing a pivotal role in the success of the Foundation's 2023 campaign.